Watch: 'A film that should be in the world'

Watch: 'A film that should be in the world'

What's the film about?

Friends of the project tell you a little bit about the movie.

It's about love and desire. And photons.

A beautiful student agrees to pose nude for a brilliant but brain-damaged photographer. Mind-bending romance ensues.

Eye Full  is a small dramatic film following the social / sexual dynamics of a restless Dutch graduate student, her salesman boyfriend, a brain-injured photographer, and the mysterious vagabond who turns their world sideways. It's an archetypal artist-and-model story, touching on themes of offbeat eroticism and exchange of power. It is set in contemporary Amsterdam. The dialog is a mixture of English and Dutch.     --> Read more about the story

We want to create this film as nimbly and economically as possible, and with minimum creative compromises. The screenplay is now in version 081 and has a full breakdown and schedule. The production plan calls for 29 prepro days, 23 shoot days and 71 days of post. Our current budget is hovering around € 600000 (production and post only: not including marketing and distribution).

This project is now in search of funding. We are trying to attract arts-minded investors. We are also looking for an established Dutch feature film production company to help co-produce this project.

Eye Full is the work of writer-director S G  Collins of Amsterdam.